The Handymen (Los Mañas) have arrived in your neighborhood

They come equipped with everything necessary to repair what is needed. MacGyver at his side is an amateur. However, do not get carried away by the first impression; behind these characters are many surprises.

The Handymen offer an absurd humor full of tripping, moments of magic, witty choreography, and scenes loaded with tenderness created for the enjoyment of the public.

Go outside and look for them. You can find them anywhere doing theirs!

The show is based on the premise that the characters must interact with any type of audiences through the sense of humour, both directly and indirectly.


Lucas Escobedo

Actor, artist and director. His specialties are acting, juggling, mask theater, puppets, and scenic direction.

He is a music education teacher, he studied interpretation at the school of Andrés Hernández and Mar Navarro and at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, and he has learned his circus techniques from prestigious professionals of the circus. As a juggler, he is a specialist working with hoops, clubs, balls and bouncing balls.

He has appeared in a wide repertoire of theater plays, circus shows and films for television, what is more, he has received several awards and recognitions for his talent and creations.

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