In 2007 Elena Vives formed an artistic duo with Diego García Molino. Since then they have been part of several companies including Cirque Eloize (Montreal), Recirquel (Budapest), Wintergarten Varieté (Berlin), Roncalli’s Apollo Variette (Düsseldorf), Vaudeville Variety Revue (Berlin), Yllana (Madrid), Circo Price Christmas Show (2015-16 and 2018-19, Madrid) and The Hole (Spain).

In 2018 they won the Audience Award and the Roncalli Circus’s Award at the Newcomershow festival in Leipzig with their number “Memories” in which they combine quickchange, magic and aerial straps.

In 2017 she created the company “La Gata Japonesa” with other two artists, premiering “Lumieres Foraines” in 2018, directed by Leandre Ribera and “Los Viajes de Bowa” in 2021 directed by Lucas Escobedo.

Bowa’s trips

It is a show that uses a multidisciplinary circus language, using magic, manipulation of objects, balances, aerial acrobatics, humor and poetry as transversal elements. It represents the world of a traveler guided by the obsession to discover what is behind the messages locked in the bottles that were thrown into the sea …

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