El Fedito is the artistic name and name of the company of Federico Menini, Argentine circus artist living in Spain. Federico Menini is a juggler of unthinkable and particular architectural ideas

He has more than 15 years of experience in the circus world. He is specialist in juggling but he also master other disciplines such as balancing, tightrope walking, theater, clown, acrobatics, comic magic, experimental dance…he has worked with several companies and has created its own shows.

Oyun, a show created by Federico Menini, has toured successfully through numerous national and international stages, and has already won several awards in Spain:

  • 2nd Prize Circada 2018 (Sevilla)
  • Festival Circarte Award (Alicante)
  • Festival Kaldearte Award (Vitoria)
  • Festival Nosolocirco Award (Cáceres)
  • Jaén Paraíso Interior Award (Jaén)
  • Festival Circaire Award (Mallorca)


Is the result of years of research and experimentation with different artistic disciplines: sculpture, drawing, visual poetry, photography, architecture, music, painting, theater, circus…

In Oyun (from the Turkish “game”) pots, pans, balls and other everyday items become protagonists in the hands of the juggler. A show of juggling and balancing for all audiences that combines on stage a meticulous technique with an attractive scenery and interaction with the public.

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