Circarte Festival

We participate in the programming and organization of Circarte Festival since 2017.

We are part of the coordination team, from which we collaborate in the following tasks:

  • Strategy definition.
  • Artistic line.
  • Programming.
  • Place/space/location.
  • Search for resources.

In addition, we coordinate the technical office from which we manage:

• Contact with companies (their needs and resources).
• Coordination of technical staff and staff.
• Contract management.
• Press contact.

Contemporary circus festival in the province of Alicante 

“Circus understood as art, without human or animal exploitation. As a means of expression and fusion of cultures and people, in squares, theaters, roofs, parks, tents, bars or the living room… ”

Circarte reaches its tenth edition in 2019, consolidating itself as one of the national circus festivals model and maintaining its commitment to promote and stimulate the work of local, national and international companies.

It supposes therefore, a key frame within the Valencian cultural panorama, filling streets and theaters of color, culture and circus.