Logo ProduCirk violeta

Circus platform in Alicante (Spain) for the production and distribution of circus shows nationally and internationally.

Created in 2018 by a multidisciplinary team with years of experience in the world of circus.

Areas in which we work

Executive production

of circus shows

Organization of festivals

and events of performing arts

Own production

of shows

Distribution and sale

of shows of companies and circus artists
at national (Spain) and international level

Advice and accompaniment

to circus artists in the implementation
of their creations

Our work

Espectaculo Emportats de la compañía de circo La Trocola Circ

Produced y directed by
La Trocola Circ

Espectaculo Yolo de la compañia de circo Lucas Escobedo

Produced by Diputación de Valencia
and the Escalante Theather.

Directed by Lucas Escobedo

Festival de circo contemporaneo Circarte

Contemporary circus festival in the province of Alicante.